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How to buy cashmere sweater tips

Source:Ordos City Dongsheng District Shuangqi Cashmere Products Co., Ltd  |  Release time:2023-06-30
  Believe that everyone is no stranger to cashmere sweater,it's not like many years ago in royalty circle,now also to civilian,citizens can also buy a few pieces of cashmere sweater,cashmere sweater but the market brand is numerous,more and more cashmere sweater manufacturer to see its profits,there are many undesirable businessman and the manufacturer with hang sheep head sell vinegar of sales of cashmere sweater,cashmere fiber becomes so for citizen choose and buy a hard,ordos cashmere yarn below small make up to summarize how to choose and buy cashmere sweater tips for your reference.

  Skills one,choose properly

  Should according to their own wear needs to buy cashmere sweater,cashmere sweater pilling will affect the appearance,but for the quality problem is not much problem,a small amount of pilling is normal,therefore,do not think pilling is a quality problem.

  Tip two,recognize the label

  When buying cashmere sweaters,the first thing to do is to recognize the label,especially the durable label sewn into cashmere sweaters.I believe the clothes we buy have such a label,which will mark:fiber content,standard,washing,etc.It will be marked with"careful hand washing","machine-washable"and"dry-clean only".These labels are necessary to help the public know how to maintain and wash cashmere sweaters.

  Skills three,wear washing and protection

  Cashmere sweater and coat on both sides of the conflict between the general on the cuff,up and down,while washing will be strictly in accordance with the instructions to implement label on,choose neutral detergent is appropriate,if the water temperature is too high to wash up can let a cashmere sweater shrink,after wear cashmere sweater for clean,from time to time to split with dried,then put in mosquito repellent,to properly stored,and the annual July and August is the season of easier to mold,this time will be in time to prevent moths,such ability won't they hurt,some irreparable consequences.

  Technique four,touch the eye

  The feel of cashmere sweater is very good,slippery waxy and light,wearing on the body is not a sense of tension,it is to see the seam of cashmere sweater,see whether there is seam,needle leakage,holes and other defects,but also to see the thick section,details,thickness and so on.

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