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How to maintain cashmere knitted clothing

Source:Ordos City Dongsheng District Shuangqi Cashmere Products Co., Ltd  |  Release time:2023-06-30
  Erdos cashmere yarn for you to introduce how to maintain cashmere knitting clothing

  Cashmere sweaters,cashmere pants,etc.are knitted garments with good warmth preservation.This kind of clothes wear with the body,smooth lines,is a high grade of clothing.

  This kind of clothing should not be worn close to the body and should not be in direct contact with the skin to prevent contamination by human secretions.

  This kind of clothing organization structure is loose,do not pull hard to prevent deformation,damage.If there is a hole,it should be repaired in time to prevent the hole from being enlarged by taking off,which will not only affect the appearance but also cause losses.

  In the new sweater at the beginning of wear,easy to small pellets,this is due to the short hair exposed,friction after curling caused by,after a long time floating hair off as smooth,do not pull hard,hard pull will pull out the long hair fibers,more and more,and then can make the clothes out of the hole.Wear contact clothing with a smooth texture to reduce the presence of small balls.

  Pure cashmere sweaters have strong hygroscopic properties,and then because of loose structure and high shrinkage rate,they are suitable for washing and dry cleaning,so as to avoid the production of shrinkage consequences,and make the clothes difficult to wear and cause losses.

  This kind of clothing is very easy to move moth,because this should have a dry cleaning before long-term collection,can be folded or suspended next.And to put moth repellent in the trunk or wardrobe to prevent moth.

  Unlined upper garment of white velvet is to prevent the pollution of different chromatic content,usable white cloth or paper has wrapped its deposit.But do not use plastic bags,because plastic bags are airtight,easy to make wool moldy or smudge.

  This kind of clothing in the packing,should be placed in the upper layer,to prevent heavy pressure,so as not to lose thermal performance.

  A few classics deposit pull woolen unlined upper garment or woolen unlined garment,the trend that can be brushed down wool when using soft wool pulls the wool to be worn again after using,make garment form restores plump state,show original style.

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